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mrgreeneye's Journal

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Hi,, I'm Mark
This is where you will soon learn all about me ,or if you don't it's because you wont continue to read or share my blog.
To describe myself again, I'd like tell you about me as a blogger, I'd appreciate people to try to share their ideas of my blog with me . I'd like to play your game if you are willing to give me that chance as well.I never judge a person without reason. I blog because I've realized that its a way to let out whats really inside dying to come out or maybe get something out which probably shouldn't be inside or elsewhere either. Ok, I hope you get my idea now. Dont be "shy" I tell you , I dont like "shy" cause its never ever going to work! Just quite spying on me, and start writing. So if you need to ask, I'll add you as a friend to stay in touch,if you want or you need. Also, I keep more than busy these days with the new electronic toys and by keeping up with the fastly changing electronic world around me, though its actually really expensive,yet I keep accumulating more and more weird stuff. Please if you need to call me for any reason because a blog is not fast or you really have something important to speak in person with me about ,just ask me for my phone number or find it somewhere in the blog posts ,and its all yours. And last but not least ,Im always looking to date ,provided shes young and blonde."ALWAYS" taking applications for single chicks if you know any.